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दि ज्वॉएस ऑफ वेजीटेरियन कुकिंग

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प्रकाशक : नेशनल बुक ट्रस्ट, इंडिया प्रकाशित वर्ष : 2005
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दि ज्वॉएस ऑफ वेजीटेरियन

The joys of vegetarian cooking An English Book by Tarla Dalal


This book is a sequel to THE PLEASURES OF VEGETARIAN COOKING and THE DELIGHTS OF VEGETARIAN COOKING. The emphasis, as in my earlier book, is one simple, quick and relatively economical dish. To make it easier for beginners and to facilitate reproducibility, the procedures are given stepwise in a simple language and using a minimum of technical culinary terms. As usual, with a view to making the book self-contained, all the basics recipes referred to in individual recipes are reproduced in the last section by way of reading reference.

The arrangement of this follows, with some modifications that used in the earlier book. And a few section on Dieters. Menu has been added in response to numerous person requests. Another new section which is not only interesting but also very colourful pertains to Tabletop Cookery. Many hostesses are reluctant to cook in front of guests and this is understandable because it usually requires very careful advance preparation. However, if you follow the recipes and instructions with care, I assure you that you will not find such cooking difficult. What is more, you will discover that it is a sure way to enliven a party and often, as for flambé desserts, also an impressive way. Only take care not to try out more then one tabletop dish at a party until such time as you have gained sufficient practice and confidence with each separate dish.

For those of you who are not familiar with my earlier books, may I request that you read the various introductory notes before trying out any recipe? I do hope that this book will give you and your family members many moments of joy and happiness.

                                    Tarla Dalal

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