खजाना ऑफ इण्डियन वेजीटेरियन रेसिपीस (सजिल्द) - संजीव कपूर Khazana of Indian Vegetarian Recipes (hard cover) - Hindi book by - Sanjeev Kapoor
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खजाना ऑफ इण्डियन वेजीटेरियन रेसिपीस (सजिल्द)

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खजाना ऑफ इण्डियन वेजीटेरियन रेसिपीस (सजिल्द)

Khazana of Indian Vegetarian Recipes An English Book by Sanjeev Kapoor

Khazana of Indian Vegetarian Recipes

Sanjeev Kapoor, host of the popular TV show ‘Khana Khazana’, now brings his priceless khazana of Indian recipes straight into your kitchen. In this book, the Master Chef has laid a feast of traditional and exotic Indian recipes.

Here is an assortment of delectable dishes that good food lovers and connoisseurs of Indian cuisine would relish. Whether it is a grand meal or an in-between snack that you want to surprise your guests with, this book offers an inspiring variety of deliciously spicy non-vegetarian recipes, tasty vegetarian dishes and irresistible desserts.

Each mouth-watering recipe which is the result of years of experience and careful experimentation, is presented in a manner that is easy to understand and prepare. You will find in this treasure of Indian cuisine, interesting new combinations of dishes and imaginative tips and ideas that add to the flavour.

Sanjeev Kapoor’s innovations in cuisine have made him a household name in India and abroad. He has received widespread recognition and several awards for his mastery over the culinary art.
Sanjeev was an integral part of the catering team for the 1982 Asian Games and the SAARC summit at Shillong. He has organized food festivals in numerous countries and has also catered to VVIPs including the Prime Minister and the President of India. Sanjeev has launched a multimedia CD-ROM on Indian cooking and is currently working on an encyclopaedia of Indian cuisine.
This book helps you to master the art of cooking and express your love for your family and friends.

Happy Cooking!

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