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जीरो ऑइल कुक बुक

Zero Oil Cook Book - An English Book - by Bimal Chhajer

Zero Oil Cook Book

Oil or Triglycerides make about 99% of the fats that we consume in our food. Researches in the last twenty years have shown that Triglycerides are equally responsible for creating heart diseases, when compared to Cholesterol. In the last fifty years we considered only Cholesterol whenever we wanted to prevent heart diseases and thus all oil companies used to sell oils as “Zero Cholesterol Oil”- whereas they were full of fat or Triglycerides. Oils also have a very high calorie content and thus lead to obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.
In this modern era when people have sedentary lifestyles, suffer from excessive stress, and are prone to lifestyle diseases. We should avoid intake of oils. The best and the minimum possible is “Zero”. Thus the Zero Oil Cook Book. The Zero Oil recipes are equally tasty and more healthier. Tell me ‘‘Do you need Oil or Taste?’’                                                                                                                                

I have named this book as  ‘Zero Oil Cook Book’  and  ‘Food for Reversing Heart Disease’. Let me explain these two terms to you.

The common belief is that looking without oil, no good food can be created  or cooked. Almost all house holds use oil (fat or triglycerides extract from many natural food items marketed by hundreds of oil companies) to cook and season spices when they prepare food for consumption. Some of the common names of these oils available in Indian are Saffola, Palm oil, Sungold etc. Ghee is another Indian fat used commonly as a cooking medium deprived from milk.

The cooking method used in this book is without the use on any kind of oils. That is why it is called Zero Oil. One must remember that the use of these oils can be detrimental for our health, as in the modern era we do not exercise of perform physical activity required to utilize these high calorie fatty items. We understand that some fat is necessary for our body and that can be obtained from the invisible or hidden fat inside all natural and so called non-fatty items. We also do not recommended any milk products of extracts like cheese, butter, cream or margarine as they also contain very high amounts of oil.

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