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प्रकाशक : फ्यूजन बुक्स प्रकाशित वर्ष : 2008
पृष्ठ :100
मुखपृष्ठ : पेपरबैक
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सोया एवरीडे

Soya Everyday - A Hindi Book - Komal Taneja

Soya Everyday

Welcome to the world of Soya, the divine health food which is 100% vegetarian, nutritious, rich in protein, cholesterol-free, light and very easy to cook and digest. To explore and experiment go ahead and try these innovative recipes: Honey Chilly Soya Chops, Laajwab Achari Soya, Soya & Paneer Coleslaw. Soya and its products are used to prepare a variety of unusual and unique combinations like Soya Papri Chaat, Soya & Brownrice Salad, Kesariya Soya Paneer Koftas, Soya Stuffed Ladies’ Fingers and Soya Dahi Bada.
 Soya bean and its variations have a vast scope in multi-cuisine recipes and is a product of global acceptance.

SOYA- the divine health diva is a magical food of vegetarian origin having both nutritional and medicinal benefits. Soya is a universally accepted multifaceted product of global importance. Soya bean, the healthiest and nutritious member of legume family, is a total health food as it has high protein content and Soya is also rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers. The health benefits are mainly derived from the quality of Soya proteins and from the isoflavones – genistein and daidzein which have ant ioxidant effect.
The positives health benefits of Soya :

1. Soya can reduce cholesterol because Soya products are free from cholesterol, Soya proteins reduce cholesterol  levels, the fats in Soya products are polyunsaturated, Soya isoflavones prevent thickening of arteries and lastly the soluble fibers in Soya reduce the amount of free cholesterol circulating in blood.

2. Soya helps to strength the bones by providing calcium and isoflavones present in Soya help to reduce osteoporosis (degeneration of bones.)

3. Soya reduces the risk of heart diseases as the Soya products, if taken regularly, help to prevent heart diseases by reducing the total cholesterol, and thus prevents plaque to build up in the arteries. The Soya isoflavones increase flexibility of blood vessels.

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