ShriRamcharitmanas - Hindi book by - Goswami Tulsidas (Translated by Daya Shankar Patha - श्रीरामचरितमानस (अंग्रेजी अनुवाद) - गोस्वामी तुलसीदास (अनुवादक दया शंकर पाठक)
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श्रीरामचरितमानस (अंग्रेजी अनुवाद)

गोस्वामी तुलसीदास (अनुवादक दया शंकर पाठक)

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ShriRamcharitmanas - A Hindi Book - by Daya Sankar Pathak

Shri Ramcharit manas

(English Translation)

The first great epic ‘Ramayan’ depicting the life and deeds of Lord Rama was written in the Sanskrit language around 1400 BC by the poet Saint Valmiki. Since then many variations of this story have come into existence. Gradually, with the passage of time, Sanskrit, once a popular language, lost its popularity. Over the time spiritual instructions and religious principles expressed in Sanskrit lost their original intent and touch with common people.

Towards the end of the fifteenth century during Bhakti Period, enlightened Saint Tulsidas realized this disconnect and made a serious effort to bring back this knowledge to all and sundry. When Tulsidas rewrote this epic he did not lose sight of his contemporary society and therefore, elected to write the Ramcharitmanas in a regional dialect of Hindi called Awadhi. His sheer brilliance and deep understanding of Parmatma (God) led him to create this exceptional work.

Dr. D. S. Pathak, a scholar of English literature from University of Allahabad, has successfully revealed many layers of this creative work. The author has carefully used appropriate symbolism to convey the real meaning. Specially useful for those readers who have lost touch with either of these languages, but still want to revisit this epic.

Distinctive features of the book

  • Every Chaupai, every line and every word has been translated to reveal the worth and value of each word, which the great poet has used with exceptional circumspection and significance.
  • Some Indian expressions, which have no English equivalents, have been explained at the very spot of their use within brackets for readers’ convenience.
  • Significance of different names (proper nouns) used in the Ramcharitmanas are also explained for complete comprehension.
  • Full original text precedes its English translation.
  • A comprehensive glossary has been given at the end of this book to assist the non-Hindi readers for further clarification.

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