स्प्रिट ऑफ इण्डिया - ए. पी. जे. अब्दुल कलाम Spirit Of India - Hindi book by - A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
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स्प्रिट ऑफ इण्डिया

ए. पी. जे. अब्दुल कलाम

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The independence movement created and nurtured the concept that the nation is bigger than any individual or any system of organisation. But during the last few decades this national spirit has been at a low ebb. What we need today is that all political parties co-operate with one another and answer the overwhelming question facing all of us :

‘‘When will India become a developed nation ?’’

There has to be unflinching commitment to the principle of secularism, which is the cornerstone of our nationhood and which is the key feature of our civilisational strength. Leaders of all religions should echo one message, that of unity of the minds and hearts of our people, and soon we will see the golden age of our country.

The need of the hour is disciplined action by all citizens. This will lead to the creation of enlightened citizens. Any country is as good as its citizens. Their ethos, their values and their character will be reflected in the country's make-up. These are crucial factors that will determine whether the country will move forward on a progressive path or stagnate.

All of us have to practise the values of honesty, sincerity, discipline and tolerance in our day-to-day living. This will elevate our politics to statesmanship. We have to collectively inculcate a positive attitude of what we can do for our country so that together we will be able to benefit ourselves.

We have immensely benefited from what our ancestors did and left for us. We have a right and responsibility to leave a positive legacy to posterity for which we all will be remembered.

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